The 5 Voices system has been utterly transformational for our organisation. It has allowed us to build a common leadership vocabulary as well as a common leadership understanding. It has empowered us both as a leadership team, but also as individuals to really grow and develop our leadership. As a result the organisation is far more lean, productive and agile in meeting the demands of the job. Teams are more functional, with far greater coherence and this has led to a decrease in staffing and HR related issues. 

In terms of James and Laura, I couldn’t think of two people better equipped in delivering this kind of training. They are outstanding individuals, in particular their level of authenticity, their levels of self-awareness, their high levels of emotional intelligence and their ability to engage with a wide variety of individuals from different backgrounds. This makes them an ideal fit for this type of training. They are highly passionate about the benefits of it, and on a personal level, they are so committed to seeing individuals grow and develop, and become the best that they can be.

― Fergus Llewellyn, Headmaster, St Andrew’s Preparatory School, Turi, Kenya